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Indian intelligence being operated from Afghanistan, claims Pakistani general

A senior Pakistani army general has claimed that the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), is being operated against Pakistan from the Afghan soil.
Indian intelligence being operated from Afghanistan, claims Pakistani general

AVA- General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan, made the remarks during a ceremony on Friday.

Insisting that peace and tranquility in Afghanistan is key for security in the region, Gen. Hayat claimed that RAW wanted to create instability in Balochistan.

He also alleged that the Indian intelligence wanted to target the major regional projects, including the China and Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The latest allegations by Gen. Hayat came as the Afghan officials have long been rejecting to allow its soil to be used against the other nations, insisting on generous contributions by the regional countries to eliminate the menace of terrorism threatening the region.

The Afghan officials are saying that the Haqqani terrorist network and the Taliban group are having safe havens in Pakistan from where they carry out deadly attacks in Afghanistan, a claim which has also been confirmed by the United States on several occasions.

The US Department of Defense in its report also said last month that “Afghan oriented militant groups, including the Taliban and Haqqani Network, retain freedom of action inside Pakistani territory and benefit from support from elements of the Pakistani Government.”

The report further added “Although Pakistani military operations have disrupted some militant sanctuaries, certain extremist groups—such as the Taliban and the Haqqani Network—were able to relocate and continue to operate in and from Pakistan. The United States continues to convey to Pakistan at all levels the importance of taking action against all terrorist and extremist groups.”

Saturday 15 July 2017 12:14
Story Code: 146371
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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