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FM Rabbani cancels meetings in Greece following announcement of Noor's resignation

Foreign Minister and head of Jamiat-i-Islami political party, Salahuddin Rabbani, who is on visit to Greece, has cancelled meetings with Greek officials, following the announcement of resignation of Ata Mohammad Noor as the governor of Balkh province.
FM Rabbani cancels meetings in Greece following announcement of Noor

AVA= On Monday, Afghan presidency announced that it accepted Noor’s resignation adding Mohammad Dawood replaced him. Noor, who is the executive chief of Jamiat-i-Islami party, had been serving in the post since over a decade ago.

Jamiat-i-Islami party in a statement said that it strongly condemns the announcement.

It described the announcement a thoughtless irresponsible act, against stability and security of Afghanistan and against National Unity Government.

Meanwhile, Rabbani cancelled scheduled meetings with Greek officials including the country’s president, prime minister and parliament speaker and is set to return to Kabul tonight after opening Afghan embassy in Athens. Rabbani also cancelled his planned trip to Norway.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Monday 18 December 2017 16:14
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