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To return the dishonor to "Islam World Great Leader", Ayatollah Khamanei, Hosseini Mazari Seied Eisa declared;

If the "Enemies" fight our religion, Islam, their world threatened with Muslims resist

These few groups, having plotted anti-Islam protests, are believed to be anti-Shiite by some and to express their hostility dishonor the Shiite great leader, but they are wrong since these deceived people are not just anti-Shiite or Sonny but the whole Islam.
If the "Enemies" fight our religion, Islam, their world threatened with Muslims resist

To march for rights is every citizen's right, but the Kabul recent protests lacked any protest acceptable rules since the anti-Islam and Afghanistan integrity and west-leaning protesters violated man understanding the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center, Hosseini Mazari, to return the dishonor to "Islam World" great leader, Ayatollah Khamanei, declared while making speech at a press reaction conference in Kabul.

Describing impatient and unwise protests of these kinds as no big threat, Mazari made comment on the reasons of Kabul recent protests by saying this is not Afghan public view since neither Afghan citizens nor Afghan government have had negative impression about Iran. This country as a "Mother Country" for all world oppressed is highly looked at by Afghan nation. Afghan nation have still kept in their minds how much helpful Iran has been to them whenever Afghanistan has got frozen in problems. They still remember Iran's giving hand during the holy Jihad, reconstruction of Afghanistan and being sanctuary for millions of refugee over thirty years. Understanding the importance of Afghanistan west neighbor, Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan has done wisely whenever the crisis aimed to destroy the ties between these two Islamic countries. The enemies state of impatient and precipitancy signals the depth of Afghanistan-Iran relationships and they to destroy it fund to plot protests against national interests of these two countries.

These few members group is believed by some to be Shiite enemy and to express their hostility have burnt the picture of Shiite great leader, but how wrong they think since these group has aimed the whole Qran and Islam by burning the flag of Iran. In fact, burning the flag of Iran with the word "Allah" in the center is meant nothing than clear hostility to Islam Mazari said.

If dishonoring to Shiite symbols is not stopped, it is going to be continued to Sonny symbols and even further the general director of Ensaf weekly paper said.

This is neither government nor nation view and it is a matter of surprise why the license of gathering has been issued the head of Tebyan political and cultural activities center complained.

Warning about continuity of dishonoring to Islam, Mazari, as an author and cultural activist, added Afghanistan government should be aware about the negative consequences of dishonoring to great Ayatollah Khamanaie since it is not just related to Iran, but millions of virtuous people and continuity of it threatens a fresh crisis while Afghanistan is in need of achieving public trust to establish peace and security. They may lose their trust in authority of government and encourage themselves to join the opposing group.

"The insecurity caused by the protests of such ignorant and western backed group aimed to destroy Islamic Omah, "Islamic United Nations", can damage the west countries interests and violate their ties with Afghanistan government." The head of Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) made a comment.

These groups, plotting protests against Islam, are in fact ashes of the set fire by Communisms that destroyed all Afghanistan infrastructures. They are dishonest this time and can face west with danger. These groups in their interactions with any one no matter who the listeners are seek just for their monetary interests.

But if the Islam enemies especially west deliberately support them to weaken our religion, we will stand against their world Mazari warned about.

The keeping silence of people does not mean they are unable of responding such offences to Islam or their interests in Islam has lost the color, but it means they don’t deserve misled groups to be given answered and expect Afghanistan government to put them in their place.

To mislead the public thoughts the west has tended to such ill-tempered actions since "Daheieh Fajr", Fajr decade, becoming close makes Afghan nation review the basis of the great revolution in Iran and copy them in fighting against west to make their country free and independent Mazari said.

Reminding the great revolution of Iran under leadership of great Ayatollah Khamaneie awakens all Muslim no matter where they live.

Beside, keeping Afghan people's minds busy give the west and America follow the case of establishing the permanent military bases in Afghanistan without much pressure he expressed the right conclusion.

Also, Iran high ranked officials as long as they are involved in such matters can not consider all aspects of big anti-west project. Arab nation disagreements with their ruler governments can be kept hidden behind such actions.

Asking the Afghan nation to be wise and patient, Mazari reassured the people the anti-Islam project led by west will be defeated through the help of God. "Oh you, the Afghan nation, avoid of fuelling the enemies plans." Mazari gave advice

To inform our people about the plots of Islam enemies both Shiite and Sonny authorities must unify Mazari gave solution.

Sunday 30 January 2011 11:47
Story Code: 25334
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
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