List of 5000 Afghan victims killed by communist regime revealed

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), International Service , 19 Sep 2013 13:23

The list of at least 5000 victims of mass killing, who were executed during late 1670′s in Afghanistan.

The mass killing was carried out by AGSA (Department for Safeguarding the Interests of Afghanistan), between 1978 and 1979 by communist regime.

The report reveals a number of prominent leaders of that time including Akram Yari, Sadiq Yari, Ayatullah Suroor Waeez and Misbah. The list is based on the names, father names, residential address of the victims including their charges.

Majority of the victims were charged and tried for anti-government propaganda, by Democratic People’s Party of Afghanistan which gained power in 1979 and ruled the country until 1993.

The victims included members of the Mujahideen, political parties like Afghan Millat, pro-Iranian revolution who were supporting Ayatullah Khomaini, and members of pro-Maoism.

The report is based on investigation of Holland police from an individual recognized as Amanullah, who was accused of crimes against humanity. He is accused of torturing the victims and was one of the investigators of AGSA (Department for Safeguarding the Interests of Afghanistan).

The list of the victims were obtained during investigation process of Holland police, and in cooperation with an Afghan author in Germany along with support of the eyewitnesses.

Documents obtained  reveals that Amanullah migrated to Holland in 1993, however, his request for asylum was denied by the government of Holland due to accusations against him.
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