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Kabul Residents Angry Over Flooding Roads

Kabul Residents Angry Over Flooding Roads
A number of Kabul residents blamed the government for not building proper drainage systems in the capital after heavy rains flooded roads throughout the city over the course of the past three days.

Given all of the build-up and progress seen in Kabul over the past 13 years, many residents are disappointed with how inadequate basic infrastructure like street drainage is in the capital.

"Compared to this our Samangan province is better," Kabul resident Qurbanullah said. "I don't know what is going on here."

Another resident, Mohammad Hassan, on Sunday said he wouldn't have taken his car out had he known "the street became like the Kabul river."

Meanwhile, Kabul Mayor Muhammad Yunus Nawandish passed the blame to the central government, saying the responsibility to build roadway drainage systems was that of the "irrigation and canal department".

"I don't know when they will build this, but we are trying to build more canals to prevent the flooding," he said.

Flooding throughout the capital after heavy rains has become the norm for most residents. Although sometimes the flooding causes serious devastation, even claiming lives, water inundates the city's roadways just about every time there is rain.

Even the Kabul International Airport road, one of the most central and traveled thoroughfares in the city, was turned into a muddy cesspool after last week's downpours.

Another street in very bad condition is Sarzabzai street, which happens to run right near the Municipality Department.

"We are always facing this problem after the rains," Kabul resident Parwiz said. "The officials cross the roads every day, but no one cares."

Experts have said that the lack of drainage around the capital in fact causes more than just a hassle for residents, it also contributes to the deterioration of the roads. Since many of Kabul's roads are cheaply made, days of sitting water wears away the pavement and creates massive pot holes that cause major problems for drivers long after the water has dissapated.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
Monday 17 March 2014 11:27
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