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Photo reportage/ The first meeting of blood transfusion managers of G5 member countries with the presence of Afghanistan's Minister of Public Health in Tehran

16 Feb 2023 - 15:35

The conclusion of the first meeting of blood transfusion managers of G5 member countries in Tehran with the presence of Dr. Qalandar Ebad, Acting Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Dr. Ahmad Al Manzari, Director General of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the World Health Organization, Dr. Mohammad Hussain Niknam, Special Assistant to the Minister and Director General of Cooperation The international meetings of the Ministry of Health of Iran and also Mustafa Jamali, the CEO of Iran Blood Transfusion Organization, were held in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at Tehran's Isteghlal Hotel.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: In the final statement of this two-day meeting with the presence of the managers of blood transfusion organizations of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Tajikistan, on cooperation in the field of improving the knowledge of blood transfusion for people working in the field of health, holding a workshop and training courses, assessment of geographical challenges and infrastructures for the development of mutual cooperation and the development of a strategic plan for cooperation and monitoring the progress were emphasized and the World Health Organization in order to provide technical and educational support to member countries and identify Opportunities are requested.
At the same time, examining the status of blood transfusion services in the member countries, investigating the possibility of expanding cooperation between members to solve challenges and provide common interests in the field of blood transfusion were among the main goals of this two-day summit.
Voluntary blood donation, preparation of blood components, blood screening systems and new technologies to improve the health and quality of blood products, the four axes of the first meeting of blood transfusion managers of the G5 member countries with the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Tajikistan and also represented the World Health Organization in Tehran.

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