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Ulamas in Afghanistan have always acted as leaders

Ulamas in Afghanistan have always acted as leaders
Kabul, (AVA)- The Madrasas, religious schools, have experienced a lot of ups and downs during the history in Afghanistan.

The religious clerics had to secretively work and train in the past.

HIVM Abdul Qadir Alami in an interview with Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) said Ulamas started out their research conduction and learning in hidden places called "Domestic School" in order to be saved from prejudiced rulers.

He added although Ulamas were intensely scrutinized by the cruel rulers, they never gave up their mission, religious Hokms, precepts, and great numbers of them sacrificed their lives to fulfill their holy goals.

The clerics who had experienced numerous extreme difficulties put their untiring efforts in bringing religious precepts to villages and cities.

Ayatullah Sayed Mir Ali Ahmad Hojjat pioneered worship and religious precepts training center in city. He established a Hussainia in Chandawol district skirted Kabul city to train Ulamas, Alami believed.

Pointing to the Afghan people respect for Ulamas during the history, he stated Ulamas supported by Afghan nation have always undertaken their religious mission.

Calling the Ulamas roles in the political and social systems as critical, Alami noted the Islamic and religious clerics have always helped the people in every dire circumstance and have saved the society for several times.

He believes clerics have played leading roles in accomplishing the great revolutions in Islam World; thus, those who are trying to remove Ulamas from political and society management scenes are persecuting not only Ulamas but also the people.

As clerics have revolutionized in scientific fields, they can bring huge changes to political system in Islam World.

Alami pointing to the large numbers of those clerics who had been trained in Hoza, religious schools, revolutionized in political and social situation said Sayed Jamaludin Afghani, Shahid, Martyr, Sadr, Abdeh, Rashid Reza, Imam Khomeini and tens of other eminent figures are of those who have presented the Islam World with considerable and valuable services.
Although the situation of Hozas is improved, the traditional training system fails to conform to considerable progress of the world and constructive measures should be taken.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
Sunday 25 August 2013 12:04
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