Publish dateWednesday 5 July 2017 - 12:38
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Kandahar business owners and Indian experts plans to build medicines factory
The Kandahar entrepreneurs in South of Afghanistan are planning to build a medicines manufacturing company with the support of the Indian experts.

AVA- A prominent entrepreneur from Kandahar, Mahmood Karzai, informed regarding the plans during a meeting with the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi.

Karzai said the local businessmen in Kandahar are looking to establish the factory in cooperation and partnership with the Indian experts so that high quality medicines are produced locally in Afghanistan.

He introduced several areas planned for the establishment of the factory in Aino Meena township of Kandahar city.

Minister Naderi hailed the plan for the establishment of the factory and said the establishment of the factory will be a major achievement for the country.

However, he shared certain conditions for the establishment of the factory in a specific area.

Naderi said the factory should be constructed in a specific area in the industrial park so that the residential areas and people remain safe from the environmental pollution and risks of the chemicals.

The minister of urban development and housing also instructed the relevant officials in the ministry to visit the area and submit their technical report regarding the building of the factory with the ministry.

Source : Afghan voice Agency(AVA)
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