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Half of Zabul schools shut by insecurity, fighting

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA) , 14 Feb 2018 - 11:18

More than half of schools in southern Zabul province, where four districts have no schools at all, are closed due to insecurity, an official said on Tuesday.

AVA- Atta Jan, the provincial council chief, told Pajhwok Afghan News around 80 percent of students were affected by the closure of schools.

Not a single school had been built in Chopan, Atghar, Khak-i-Afghan and Naw Bahar districts, he said. The absence of schools in these districts has deprived thousands of residents of education.

 “About 300 students have passed the 12th grade exams this year. A handful of them have graduated from Zabul schools. Most of them completed their high school education from Rahman Baba and Khushal Khans Schools in Kabul.”

A resident of Tirinkot, Khan Gul, confirmed to Pajhwok schools remained shut in many areas of the province. He complained: “In areas where schools exist, students don’t receive textbooks and other materials in time.”

On the other hand, Shah Mahmood, a resident of Chopan district, said no school had been constructed so far in the town. “Most of our children have been deprived of education. Rich people send their children to schools in Tirinkot or other places.”

Residents of the backward province urged the government to pay greater heed to promoting education and other development programmes. The government should take measures to reopen the schools, they demanded.

Meanwhile, Educations Director Nasrullah Zahid acknowledged the four districts were without schools. However, he promised schools would be constructed there in near future under a proper plan.

 “Appointed as educations director here a month back, I don’t know why schools have not been constructed there. But schools for those districts are part of the plan for next year.”

Of the 223 schools, Zahid added, 91 were still closed -- some of them due to insecurity and fighting.

Governor Khiyal Mohammad Hussaini said previously there was only one high school in the province. But, today, there are 10.

“I am not satisfied with the performance of the education department. But things will be streamlined soon in this vital sector,” he pledged.

Without providing the number of closed schools, the governor said efforts were underway to reopen them. The goal is being pursued with the help of tribal leaders, he concluded.

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