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NDS QRF and Army Special Forces joint Command inaugurated

A joint command comprising of the Quick Reaction Forces of the Afghan Intelligence and Special Forces of the Afghan army was inaugurated during a ceremony in Kabul today.
NDS QRF and Army Special Forces joint Command inaugurated
AVA- President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had also attended the inauguration ceremony of the joint command.
In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, President Ghani once again emphasized on the need to further bolster the capabilities of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.
President Ghani also insisted that the further coordination must be established among the different organs of the security and defense institutions.
According to President Ghani, the dimension of the war has changed and the country is facing a brutal violence in an imposed war.
However, he said the Afghan national defense and security forces have proven their bravery against the enemies of the country.
He called the Afghan forces as brave as lions and said the enemies shiver with fear when they hear the name of the national defense and security forces, not only because the security and defense forces are well equipped but they have strong will and faith.
President Ghani also hailed the Afghan intelligence operatives for defusing major attack plots of the enemies and said he is hopeful that the government and security institutions should seriously deal with the intelligence information of the national directorate of security.
He also hailed the Afghan forces for their respect to the rule of law and said torture and inhumane behaviors now do not exist among the intelligence operatives.
Saturday 10 March 2018 14:49
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