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Govt Accused Of ‘Taking Sides’ In Ghazni Dispute

Some Ghazni lawmakers have claimed that government is indirectly taking sides in the ongoing dispute in the Qarabagh district.
Govt Accused Of ‘Taking Sides’ In Ghazni Dispute
AVA- The legislators who gathered at an event in Kabul on Saturday said they are worried about the ongoing situation which is reportedly ethnic related. 
“We ask government to take serious steps to address the recent crimes and oppression in Qarabagh (district) and to arrest the perpetrators of  crimes which resulted in the death 18 of our innocent countrymen and the imprisonment of 14 others, as well as the killing of two innocent people in Naw Abad mosque in Sayed Wali area,” Ali Akhlaqi, an MP from Ghazni said.
Other MPs meanwhile warned of further ethnic clashes in the province if the issue is not addressed properly.
“We want a reliable delegation to be sent to Ghazni in order to address the problems and find a just solution,” Aref Rahmani, another MP from Ghazni, said.
According to Ghazni lawmakers, at least 40 people, from one ethnic group, have been killed or wounded in the recent dispute between two ethnic groups in Qarabagh district. The MPs said 14 people, from the same ethnic group, are still being held by the opposing group. 
But according to them, government has not taken solid action to end the dispute.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Saturday 10 March 2018 19:14
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