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11 Pro-Govt Forces Killed, Wounded in Kunduz Province

Four local police forces were killed and seven others wounded after the Taliban militants attacked their outpost in the northern Kunduz province, said local authorities.
11 Pro-Govt Forces Killed, Wounded in Kunduz Province
AVA- The attack was carried out on Arbab Ramzani security outpost in Aliabad district of Kuduz province”, Ainamuddin Rahmani, spokesman of the provincial police chief said to Ariana News.
He added that the attack was conducted by Taliban militants around 1:00 am, earlier this morning and that all insurgents fled the area upon arrival of back up forces.
Kunduz located in the north of the country is a restive province where it has been come several times under the Taliban’s heavy offensives and attacks.
The local officials and residents of Kunduz have already expressed concerns over Taliban’s heavy attacks and asked many times for launching military operations in the province.
Sunday 11 March 2018 08:58
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