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Politicians Warn Gov’t Over Delay in Election

Mohammad Omar Daudzai, a senior member of the Council for Protection and Stability in Afghanistan (also known as Shura-ye Herasat wa Sobat-e Afghanistan) on Monday warned National Unity Government (NUG) leaders against any delays in the upcoming presidential elections.
Politicians Warn Gov’t Over Delay in Election
AVA-We will not let you to illegally possess the power even for one day,” Daudzai, head of the council’s political committee who was speaking at a gathering under the name of “National Consensus for Afghanistan” said.
At the same event, Ahmad Wali Massoud, chairman of the National Agenda Process said the current system has been shut down and they will present an alternative to the NUG if the election was not held on time.
“If the government does not hold election before its legal time, we should create an alternative government at the right time,” Massoud said.
Anwar-ul Haq Ahadi, the chairman of the New National Front of Afghanistan (NNF) claimed that the next presidential election will be fraudulent. He said the government has no intention to organize a transparent election.
At the meeting, participants accused the unity government of discriminating among ethnic groups in Afghanistan.
While, Former President Hamid Karzai endorsed the National Agenda Process and emphasized on national consensus.
Monday 12 March 2018 19:31
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