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Taliban member makes chilling confessions after his arrest in Nangarhar

A Taliban group member has made chilling confessions regarding the destructive activities he was involved in as well as his background.
Taliban member makes chilling confessions after his arrest in Nangarhar
AVA- The provincial government media office in Nangarhar in a statement said the detained Taliban group member has been identified as Habib Jan and was arrested from the 6th police district of Jalalabad city.
The statement further added that Habib Jan is originally a resident of Arza district of Logar province and was living in Sra Rod district of Nangarhar province while fighting in Taliban ranks.
Habib Jan has told the security forces that he was fighting for the Taliban under the leadership of Qari Daud in Logar.
He also confessed that he was trained in Pakistan where he was told that Jihad or the holy war is legitimate in Afghanistan.
According to Habib Jan, he was given the name of Rockety and admits that he has carried out numerous rocket attacks based on the instructions of his supporters.
According to the provincial government of Nangarhar, Habib Jan has also admitted that he and his comrades were receiving weapons from Pakistan.
Regretting for the destructive he has committed, Habib Jan has admitted that he has fought against his own country and people in Taliban ranks.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 17 April 2018 13:51
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