Publish dateTuesday 17 April 2018 - 16:42
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47 Voter Registration Centers Remain Closed In Badakhshan
Four days after the voter registration process kicked off across the country, many Badakhshan centers either remain closed or have faced threats, local officials confirmed.
AVA- The head of the provincial office of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Hamidullah Baluch said of the 322 voter registration centers, 47 centers are closed and over 40 others face threats.
“Twenty (voter registration) centers are closed in one district and 27 centers have remained closed in another two districts which have fallen (to insurgents). And 13 centers which are under high and medium threats require military operations,” he said. “We are prepared to carry out the process in the other 232 centers.”
Residents in insecure areas in Badakhshan meanwhile called on officials to ensure the safety of all voter registration centers in the province.
“Badakhshan security agencies have the lowest facilities in terms of military power to suppress the enemy… people will not be able to attend elections if this situation continues,” said Wahidullah Shewan, a local representative from Jurm district. He had been speaking at a meeting on election security in Faizabad City.  
“Our information shows that residents of Yamgan, Wardoj and Ghustaka (districts) have been warned not to attend the voter registration process. We are fully ready to take part in the process,” said Mawlawi Wahab, a local representative from Wardoj district.
Badakhshan police vowed to ensure the safety of all centers in the province.
“Election equipment and materials were delivered to areas which are under low and medium threat … We have decided to launch operations when needed in order to ensure the safety of the electoral process,” said Abdul Khaliq Aqsai, police chief of Badakhshan.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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