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Hamas slams Zionist regime PM's measure of banning Gaza export, import

Islamic Hamas movement on Monday slammed Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who announced that his government decided to close the only commercial crossing between occupied Palestine and Gaza and ban export and import.
Hamas slams Zionist regime PM
AVA- Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said in an emailed press statement that "the Israeli occupation's decision is a new crime against humanity added to the black record of the occupation's crimes against our people in the Gaza Strip."
The international and regional silence for the crime of the suffocating siege imposed on Gaza since 2017 has encouraged the Zion enemy to "carry on with its criminal measures that violate human rights and international laws," said Barhoum.
Earlier Monday, Netanyahu announced that Tel Avi decided to close Kerem Shalom commercial crossing point for export and import, and only allow the shipment of humanitarian aid and food to the coastal enclave.
The Zionist government has also decided to reduce the allowed area for fishing into the sea of the Gaza Strip from nine miles to six miles, according to Zionist media.
The decision was an Zionist response to releasing incendiary kites and balloons from Gaza into occupied lans, which caused large fires and losses of millions of Zionist new shekels.
Releasing incendiary kites and balloons from Gaza into occupied lans of Palestinewas part of the rallies called by the Palestinians in Gaza as "the Great March of Return," which began on March 30 and left at least 137 Palestinians killed and around 15,000 wounded.
Barhoum said "Hamas calls on the international community to move immediately and prevent this crime and its dangerous consequences."
On Monday, the Popular Committee Against the Zionist Siege of Gaza warned Monday that the Zionist closure of the sole commercial crossing would double the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.
Jamal al-Khoudari, chairman of the pro-Hamas committee, said that "decision of the Israeli occupation to close Kerem Shalom is a new measure of tightening the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for 12 years."
He warned that the decision "is unprecedented and will double the humanitarian suffering of the populations."
Meanwhile, Ra'ed Fattouh, member of the Palestinian liaison and the coordinator of the goods shipment at Kerem Shalom crossing point, said in a statement that the Zionist side had informed the liaison office of the closure of the commercial crossing.
"The Israeli side has officially informed us that the shipment of goods and all kinds of products are banned except food products, medical aid, wheat, livestock and fuel," said Fattouh, adding "import is completely banned until a further notice."
Wednesday 11 July 2018 08:11
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