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Apt, swift Hamas response to stop Zionist aggression: Spokesman

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says its swift and appropriate response to Zionists’s most recent aerial aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip is meant to stop the attacks, adding that this shows the resistance movement’s constant vigilance and clear vision in managing the fight against the Tel Aviv regime.
Apt, swift Hamas response to stop Zionist aggression: Spokesman
AVA- Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum made the remarks in a statement released on Saturday, several hours after Zionist warplanes launched a predawn attack against 40 purported Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip.
Zionist military aircraft also fired three missiles at Salahuddin military site in the central Gaza Strip, before pounding an open area near Queen roundabout east of Gaza City.
Additionally, Zionist aerial attacks targeted a Hamas site in the city of Beit Lahia, located about five kilometers north of Gaza City.
According to the Gaza Health Ministry, at least two Palestinian teens lost their lives in the Zionist airstrikes and 14 other people sustained injuries.
Hamas was quick in retaliatory attacks against Zionist positions in the occupied Palestinian territories when it launched 90 rockets. The Zion military claimed that its so-called Iron Dome missile defense system had managed to intercept 16 of the projectiles.
Early in the morning, the Zionist military said in a statement that at least one Hamas rocket landed inside a rural settlement in Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council area.
Zionist media reported that more than 140 rocket alarm sirens also sounded throughout communities near the occupied Palestine-Gaza border from midnight into the morning.
Saturday’s exchange of missiles and rockets is considered as the biggest since the 2014 Zionist war on the impoverished sliver. The war began in early July and ended in late August the same year. The Israeli military aggression killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians and injured over 11,100 others.
“Hamas wants to force the Israeli regime to stop and discontinue its attacks against the Gaza Strip through making swift and appropriate response to the aggression,” Barhoum further said, adding that defending the Palestinian people and cause is what the whole Arab nation wants and is a strategic option for the resistance.
Meanwhile, Abdul Latif al-Qano, another spokesman for Hamas, said that “the escalation and intensification of Israel's aggression will not dictate a new agenda," adding that it would not "stop the procession of return. Resistance forces will not let Israel continue attacking the Palestinian people, and we will also be ready to respond.”
Sunday 15 July 2018 08:34
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