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Nangarhar MPs renew Daesh centers claim

Wolesi Jirga members from eastern Nangarhar province on Wednesday reiterated their claim about the presence of Daesh centers in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, demanding probe into recent attacks.
Nangarhar MPs renew Daesh centers claim
The lawmakers held a meeting in which Abdul Zahir Qadir, Haji Hazrat Ali and Pir Bakhsh Gardiwal took part.
Qadir said the security situation in Nangahrar had deteriorated compared and the unity government had failed to its promises regarding the province’s security.
He claimed propaganda centers for Daesh were being run in Jalalabad, as well as money was collected for the insurgent group. “We had initially warned Daesh would carry out attacks in Jalalabad if not suppressed.”
Government servants could not attend offices on a daily basis due to security threats if the situation continued, many schools would be closed, he remarked.
He urged investigation into attacks in Nangarhar and sharing the findings with people. The lawmaker believed handing over security of Nangarhar to ANA soldiers indicated that Jalalabad was a frontline.
Qadir said: "If the situation continues and the government remains silent, then representatives of eastern provinces in the National Assembly, tribal leaders, religious scholars and civil society activists would take a step in this regard.” However he did not explain the step.
Meanwhile, lawmaker Haji Hazrat Ali also confirmed Qadir’s claims and said the Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were also unable to ensure security of the city.
He said Afghan local police (ALP) personnel, uprising forces and others illegal armed individuals should be removed from the city, otherwise the ANA soldiers would continue to suffer causalities.
Recently Daesh or so-called Islamic State (IS) rebels have created their centers in mosques and move around the city without fear, he concluded.
On the other hand, President Ashraf Ghani had ordered increased security measures in Nangarhar during an emergency meeting.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Wednesday 1 August 2018 16:26
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