Afghan Air Force claims no civilian casualties in operations

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA) , 26 Aug 2018 16:20

No civilians are killed or injured in the operations that are conducted by the Afghan Air Force, commander of the force said on Sunday.

Mohammad Shoaib made the remarks while addressing a ceremony to celebrate the Afghan Air Force anniversary in Kabul, commemorating the 97th year of the force.
He said that the country’s Air Force has grown in capacity and proficiency, adding there would be significant increase in the number of pilots and aircraft in the next four years.
Aimal Padshah, commander of Kabul’s Air Force Division, noted that the Afghan Air Force had been the most powerful Air Force in the region. He said that the force was decimated by the civil war of the 1990s.
AAF’s Shoaib said that the U.S., Czech and UAE are helping equip the force. According to the official, aircraft checks and repairs could now be done in Afghanistan.
The event was addressed also by Chief of Army Staff Sharif Yaftali who highlighted the importance of strengthening the AAF. He said that plans are in place to target militants both by ground and air forces to pay way for holding elections in a secure environment.

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