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Palestinian president says refugee issue must be solved with int'l resolutions

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that the question of the Palestinian refugees has to be resolved in accordance with the legitimate international resolutions.
Palestinian president says refugee issue must be solved with int
AVA- Abbas made his remarks in a meeting with a Zionist delegation representing the Zionist "Peace Now" movement at his office in Ramallah, where he reacted to the United States decision to stop its aid to the Palestinian refugees' agency UNRWA.
"Contacts with the U.S. are severed since President Donald Trump's declaration in December that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, moving his country's embassy to the city and violating the resolutions related to the refugee question," said Abbas.
According to the Palestinian state-run news agency WAFA, the Zionist delegation included left-wing Zionist lawmakers and top leaders of the Zionist peace movement as well as peace activists and members in the Zionist right-wing Likud Party.
Abbas reiterated to the delegation that "we have to reach peace whatever the challenges and difficulties are facing it in order to guarantee a better future for the children and the youth of both Israelis and Palestinians."
"Our hands are extended to just and comprehensive peace based on implementing the legitimate international resolutions and on establishing an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on 1967 borders," he said.
WAFA report said that the Zionist peace activists stressed to Abbas that the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian people and their land "has to end," and "all parties have to work on making peace to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
Peace talks between Zionist regime and Palestine stopped in 2014 after it was sponsored by the United States and went on for nine months without making any breakthrough due to deep differences on substantial issues such as borders, settlement and security.
Monday 3 September 2018 02:09
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