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India ups number of commandos on flights to Kabul

The number of commandos on flights to Kabul and Kathmandu, particularly from Delhi, has been upped significantly, an Indian newspaper reported on Tuesday
India ups number of commandos on flights to Kabul
AVA- The step has been prompted by intelligence information provided to the security forces and aviation agencies regarding a possible hijack attempt on flights to the Afghan and Nepali capitals.
The number and frequency of sky marshals on flights to Kabul and Kathmandu had been increased, the Hindustan Times quoted an unnamed official as saying.
Certain threats were recently flagged on the routes by intelligence agencies, according to the official, who did not say when the threat perception would be called off.
Specially trained to counter hijack and hostage situations, sky marshals are deployed on flights in plainclothes. Their identities are kept secret.
“They are mostly deployed on high-risk international flights to and/or from sensitive areas. Occasionally, they are deputed on domestic flights as well, following specific inputs.
“In a hijack situation, sky marshals are the only line of defence between passengers and hijackers. Their identity and positions in a flight is strategic,” the officer said, adding that they were armed with pistols and guns with rubber bullets.
Tuesday 11 September 2018 10:21
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