Publish dateSaturday 15 September 2018 - 17:02
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Bibi Shirin Could Display Her Handicrafts in Several Countries
A number of women can economically play effective role in the society, as recently, Afghan women have obtained successes and achievements in term of handicrafts.
AVA- Head of Khaharan handicrafts and carpet weaving company Bibi Shirin Haidari told The Kabul Times that she is working in different sections of handicrafts for 17 years.
“I have started my work from zero, when we were in Pakistan and my children were not able to work. Thus, I decided to work to ensure livelihood of my children and send them to school. At first, I started carpet weaving and then I learned handicrafts,” she further said.
“When we returned to Afghanistan, I got 20,000 Afs microloan and I could finally be the head of Khaharan Handicrafts Company. As many as 60 people are working in my company and if we get a project, over 100 women would cooperate with us,” she added.
She said I mostly worked on Afghan clothing, hand-made jewelries, etc. which enjoy good market in and abroad.
She said as I have suffered too much in this respect, I make effort to train those women who have financial problems so they become self-sufficient.
She said her company has been registered in ministries of women affairs, commerce and women entrepreneurs’ federation.
She added holding exhibitions are effective whether they are in or abroad.
She said I have traveled to many countries such India, Tajikistan, Moscow, Dubai and Iran where I have displayed our handicrafts and earned good money.
She said annually, we hold a 14-day handicrafts fair in India.
At the end, she said my message to women was to never give up, they should make effort to grow what they have been learnt. They should become self-reliance in order to improve Afghani handicrafts on one hand and earn good money on the other.
This is while the women in cooperation with the government and non-government organizations have made considerable achievements in different fields over the last 15 years.
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