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‘ID cards with election stickers issued to dead people’

 A public representative on Saturday claimed thousands of fake National ID cards with election stickers attached to them had been distributed in unstable districts of central Maidan Wardak province.
‘ID cards with election stickers issued to dead people’
AVA- Haji Ahmad Jafari, a member of the Maidan Wardak provincial council (PC), told media that “thousands of fake National ID cards” with stickers attached to them existed in the province and could be used in the upcoming elections.
“If the government does not prevent this fraud, we should not expect a Wolesi Jirga ballot,” the public representative said, claiming the fake ID cards carried the Population Registration Department (PRD)’s stamp.
He said the PRD had lost its stamp months ago and it was not possible to differentiate between a fake and an original ID card as the stamps looked the same.
Jafari feared fake ID cards could lead to widespread rigging in the Oct 20 parliamentary elections.
Meanwhile, Hamza Nazari, a PRD official, also confirmed the losing of their department’s stamp since the month of Ramazan. He said the matter had been shared with all security organizations and the governor’s house.
He did not rule out the presence of fake national ID cards but said fake ID cards could be identified with data to be received from the IEC main office in Kabul.
“In several villages, I have seen electoral stickers attached to ID cards whose owners had died between two years and eight years ago, but,” said one source, who did not want to be named.
He assured of sharing the issue with media once such ID cards were brought to polling stations on the Election Day.
However, Ahmad Shah Qanuni, the IEC regional office director the PC should share such allegations with their office for investigation.
To have transparent elections, he said, they dispatched all ID cards distribution and voter registration books to the central office to find out fake ID cards.
He said 170 polling centers existed in the province and their department was busy designating more centers and sharing their presence with security officials.

Saturday 15 September 2018 20:30
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