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Syrian air defenses confront Israeli attack near Damascus airport

Syria's air defenses responded to a Zionist attack near the international airport of the capital Damascus on Saturday evening, state TV reported.
Syrian air defenses confront Israeli attack near Damascus airport
AVA- The attack is the latest in a string of Zionist missile strikes that targeted Syrian military bases during the protracted war in the country.
The air defenses intercepted several missiles targeting the Damascus airport, said the report, citing a military statement.
The exact target of the attack is still unknown.
On Sept. 4, Zionist warplanes infiltrated the Syrian airspace on a low altitude, targeting Syrian military sites in the central province of Hama and the northwestern province of Tartus, according to the army.
In July, Zionist regime targeted again the scientific research center in the northwestern city of Masyaf.
The Saturday attack comes as the Syrian government is holding the Damascus international trade fair not far from the airport.
Saturday is the last day of the week-long fair, where a large turnout thronged the fairground to enjoy the evening concerts.
The Zionist attack did not stop the concerts at the fairground.  
Sunday 16 September 2018 15:09
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