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Afghan VP says dozens of civilians killed by Taliban in Uruzgan

Afghanistan's Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said on Thursday dozens of civilians have been killed in attacks by the Taliban in southern Uruzgan province over the last few days, as he criticized lack of military action in response to the attacks.
Afghan VP says dozens of civilians killed by Taliban in Uruzgan

During the last few days, a group of the Taliban attacked defenceless civilians in Khas Uruzgan district of Uruzgan, as a result of which dozens of men, women and children were killed,” Danish said at an event in Kabul, adding hundreds of families have been displaced.
The offensive has drawn no military response neither from the local government nor from the centre, Danish said.
The official called on the security and defense institutions to immediately deliver support and defend the civilians and not allow the situation to turn into another “Gordian knot”.
The situation in Uruzgan was discussed during the National Security Council meeting today, the president’s deputy spokesman said.
At the meeting, security forces were instructed to act over the issue in Uruzgan, said Shah Hussain Murtazawi.
Authorities were also instructed to deliver humanitarian aid to the area.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Thursday 1 November 2018 17:40
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