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Presidential Elections Likely to Be Delayed: IEC

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday reported of a possible delay in the upcoming presidential elections.
Presidential Elections Likely to Be Delayed: IEC
AVA- The original date for the presidential elections has been set for April next year. However, the IEC said it works on a plan which might lead into postponed of the elections.  
The IEC Deputy Spokesman Aziz Abrahimi told a local media outlet that the decision is being taken order to hold the presidential elections together with the provincial council, district council, and Ghazni parliamentary elections.
Following the issue, the President’s Office Spokesman Haroon Chakhansoori said that the government respects the independence of IEC, and that has full preparations for the presidential elections.
The official added that the government is committed to staging presidential elections on the date set by IEC.
“The government expects to conduct the vote on the date previously set by IEC,” Chakhansoori stressed.
Following the issue, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, meanwhile, said that the sustainability of the government system would be challenged if the presidential elections were not held in the country.
He said any individual or group who wants to take part in the Afghan political process should make efforts through a political and peaceful channel in this regard.
Sunday 25 November 2018 23:07
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