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MoI to Replace Ineffective Checkpoints with Patrolling In Kabul

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has started a new initiative to reduce number of checkpoints in Kabul and replace it with patrolling in order to prevent crimes and ensure law and order in the city. 
MoI to Replace Ineffective Checkpoints with Patrolling In Kabul
AVA- The implementation of the plan has started from Kabul’s PD11, the ministry said.
“In order to ensure better security for Kabul city, the Ministry of Interior has sent necessary instructions to all relevant departments, especially to Kabul police headquarters,” said Nusrat Rahimi a spokesman for Ministry of Interior Affairs.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said pointed at new appointments in key security agencies, said he hopes it will improve security and defense status in the country. 
A number of taxi drivers said removal of some of checkpoints will overcome heavy traffic in the city. 
“It is good for drivers,” said Mir Aqa, a driver. 
“Checkpoints create heavy traffic,” said Ghulam Ali, a Kabul resident. 
The new plan comes after Amrullah Saleh took the charge as acting minister of interior.
Tuesday 1 January 2019 00:45
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