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Power department asks for pylon security

خبرگزاری Afghn Voice Agency(AVA) , 9 Jan 2019 - 8:18

The electricity department (Breshna) says the armed opposition groups repeatedly target the power pylons transferring electricity from the neighboring Uzbekistan to Kabul and some other provinces, calling on the government to enhance security measures to prevent capital blackout.

AVA- In a statement issued Tuesday, the Breshna said that armed opposition destroyed 300 power pylons last year, causing frequent power shortage in the capital and a few provinces.
It also warned to identify those people who do not pay their electricity bills through media.
A large number of people particularly the powerful ones including government officials are reported to refuse paying electricity bills that soar up to millions of Afs. The power department calls this disobeying the law that makes problems with the power supplier country.

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