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Ahmad Yar Group inks deal to distribute Duckhams oil products in Afghanistan

Collaboration aims to enrich country's motor industry with high-grade offerings
Ahmad Yar Group inks deal to distribute Duckhams oil products in Afghanistan
AVA- Ahmad Yar Group, a leader in transportation, fuel supply, logistics and construction in Afghanistan, signed a distributor agreement with British brand Duckhams in Dubai. The collaboration aims to enrich the motor industry in Afghanistan with Duckhams' high-grade oil and lubricants.
Duckhams, which has been a part of the motoring heritage in the UK since 1899, is renowned for developing Europe's first multigrade oil, Duckhams Q. The brand was recently relaunched in the UK, with a focus on oils for classic vehicles.
In 2019, Duckhams will launch a wide range of engine oils in the automotive segment, including engine oils for modern vehicles. This holds immense potential to bring the finest range of related products to Afghanistan's market, where the transportation sector is among the largest consumers of lubricant.
Afghanistan-based Ahmad Yar Group has over 30 years of experience in the fuel logistics and storage industry, with a strong commitment to quality, integrity and reliability. To date, it boasts a presence across 16 provinces and fleet of over 240 fuel tanker trucks. Furthermore, it runs one of Kabul's largest vehicle maintenance facilities, possesses 15 remote sites and fuel stations across Afghanistan and five fuel storage facilities in Hairaton, Aqina, Kandahar and Kabul.
An ISO:9001-, ISO:14001- and OHSAS:18001-certified company, Ahmad Yar Group is currently the largest importer of LPG in Afghanistan, with a total storage of 2,500mt and 50 new 30-tonne LPG trailers. The organisation also set in place secure supply routes that extend to neighbouring countries via Pakistan and the Northern Routes, even reaching as far as the Baltic states.
Speaking on the occasion, Jabir Sheth, chairman of Alexander Duckhams, and Tawakal Shah Ahmed Yar, chairman of Ahmad Yar Group, said this partnership is best suited for the Afghanistan market as both organisations are passionate about quality, long-term business and growth.
Thursday 10 January 2019 07:01
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