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MAIL program helps more 30 thousand Afghan women facing economic challenges

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock of Afghanistan (MAIL) has assisted more than 30 thousand Afghan women who were facing economic challenges through its 1397 fiscal year upliftment program by creating green houses, domestic gardens, vegetable process centers and distribution of working kits.
MAIL program helps more 30 thousand Afghan women facing economic challenges

MAIL spokesman Akbar Rustami said around 30,305 women have benefited from the program during the 1397 fiscal year.
He said the ministry has created domestic gardens for 30,305 women, distributed 800 goats to 400 women in Kabul, Uruzgan, Paktia, and Kunar provinces, 600 honey bee boxes were distributed to 300 women, 110 cows were distributed to 110 women, and 21 food processing kits were distributed to 800 women.
Rustami further added that the ministry has also created 1,030 small green houses for the women during the same year and 14 food processing centers have became operational.
According to MAIL, around 154 seasonal jobs in Saffron sector have been created with the women forming around 80 percent of the recruitments.
The Ministry has also completed the construction work of dairy products in Kabul and Balkh provinces which have a capacity of producing 46 thousand liters of milk per day while another processing center for honey has been established in Khost province, MAIL added.
Source : khaama press
Sunday 13 January 2019 12:45
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