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Underground Water Level Goes Down 20 meters in Kabul

The water supply department on Sunday said the underground water level in the capital Kabul has lowered by 20 meters over the last few years.
Underground Water Level Goes Down 20 meters in Kabul
AVA- Drought has been one of the major challenges facing Afghanistan. Officials at water supply department said that drought has caused the underground water in Kabul to be decreased within the range of 15-20 meters.  
Sardar Wali Malakzai, head of the department said, in some regions, the level of underground water goes down to 35 meters.
According to geologists, it has been 10 years that drought is threatening Afghanistan, however; consistent rain and snow-fall winter seasons could solve the issue in the country that a major portion of its population relies on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood.
Monday 14 January 2019 07:10
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