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China to Build Up Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossings

The Chinese government has decided to build modern reception centers, cold storage rooms and fresh water supplies on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossings.
China to Build Up Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossings
AVA- Chinese delegations said the modernization of the pathways is to provide better services for trade convoys and the thousands of passengers that cross these pathways on a daily basis.
Having cordial relations with both Pakistan and Afghanistan, China has stepped in to play a role in improving the tensions between Kabul and Islamabad through diplomatic and economic initiatives.
Lijian Zhao, deputy chief of mission in Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, VoA: “Modern cold storages will be established in Torkham and Chaman border crossings and fresh water supplies in Ghulam Khan border in northern Waziristan.
According to sources, these facilities will be built in the territory of Pakistan. 
Zhao added that China planned extend the Pakistan-China economic corridor, which is part of the One Road One Belt initiative, to Afghanistan and access central Asian markets through that. 
While the trade volume between Afghanistan and Pakistan has fallen considerably over recent years due to political tensions, statistics show that almost 90% percent of Afghanistan’s fruits and vegetables are exported to Pakistan. 
In addition to that, more than 60 thousand people cross the borders between the two nations daily. 
Saturday 16 February 2019 00:07
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