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Afghans fluctuate between fear, hope over Qatar talks: Abdullah

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says that the people of Afghanistan are in both fear and hope regarding the ongoing negotiations between US and Taliban over peace.
Afghans fluctuate between fear, hope over Qatar talks: Abdullah
Abdullah addressed the members of cabinet on Monday that “parts of these talks are unclear” for people, saying that efforts were underway to facilitate direct talks between Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

“The people of Afghanistan are hopeful over the peace talks and at the same time, they are also worried because some parts of the talks are still mute. There are some issues that the peace will not be implemented if these issues are ignored,” said Abdullah, without elaborating.

He emphasized that the government would never deal with Taliban on the Islamic Republic, saying that government and politicians have common viewpoints in this regard.

Prior to that, Umer Daudzai head of the High Peace Council’s secretariat had called the Islamic Republic as “Red Line”, saying it would not be replaced with the Islamic Emirate.

President Ghani’s Spokesman, Haroon Chakhansuri said that Khalilzad shares information about the talks with Ghani in regular phone calls.

Former Ambassador to Islamabad, Omar Zakhilwal says that the ongoing talks are in a critic phase, while members of parliament say that the details of talks should be unveiled to people, and people have the rights to know what’s going on in Doha.

“The negotiations behind closed doors in Qatar is a matter of concern for people,” said lawmaker Dawood Kalakani.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 12 March 2019 09:47
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