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Mohammad Omar Daudzai, Iran FM, meet in Tehran

Zarif stresses peace, stability promotion in Afghanistan, pledges Iran's support for Afghans
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says only the Afghan people should decide on their country's internal affairs, reaffirming Iran’s support for its eastern neighbor in promoting peace.
Mohammad Omar Daudzai, Iran FM, meet in Tehran
AVA- "We always believe that Afghan people express the final opinion about all the country's affairs,” Zarif said in a meeting with the Afghan special envoy for peace, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, in Tehran on Saturday.
As the Afghans' representative, the Kabul government then makes decisions about the country's affairs, he added.
Zarif also voiced Tehran’s support for Afghans, saying, “Iran always seeks to help the Afghan government and nation.”
The Afghan envoy, for his part, said the Kabul government should lead the peace process in the country.
Daudzai also praised the Islamic Republic's positive stance on ongoing developments in Afghanistan.
The Iranian foreign minister and the Afghan envoy also exchanged views about ways to strengthen Tehran-Kabul cooperation in various fields.
More than 17 years of the United States’ presence in Afghanistan at the top of a military coalition have brought nothing but chaos and insecurity to the country, as a result of which all forms of organized crimes, especially the production of illicit drugs, have been skyrocketing. The country has also turned into a hotbed of violent acts by major terror outfits, especially Daesh.
The government of Afghanistan, as the representative of the Afghan people, plays a pivotal role in peace efforts, the Iranian envoy said, calling for cooperation between various political factions and the Kabul government toward reaching peace.
Saturday 16 March 2019 23:37
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