Publish dateWednesday 3 April 2019 - 18:42
Story Code : 182603
Names of likely Participants of Qatar Meeting unveiled
Some sources revealed the names of faces that will attend a meeting on peace, saying that these people are expected to meet with the Taliban and America during the sixth round of peace talks in Qatar.
AVA- The list, which names about 200 people, has been selected from a wide range of segments of the Afghan society. Faces of former Mujahidin, women, civil activists, former Taliban, and journalists are among others.
The names of government critics in this list include Ata M. Noor, Hanif Atmar, Yunus Qanuni, Najibullah Mujaddadi, Ismael Khan, Mansour Naderi, Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Ahmad Qurluq, Ghairat Bahir, Latif Pedram, Umar Zakhilwal, Wakil Ahmad Motawakil, Abdul Salam Zaeef, Qutbuddin Helal, Mawlawi Sayyed Rahman Haqqani, and others.
Women includes Sahira Sharif, Sara Sarkhawi, Homaira Haqmal, Safia Seddiqi, Aryan Yun, Sofia Omar are also among others.
It is said that for these faces, 200 rooms would be rented at a 5-star hotel in Doha, where the total cost of one night would become more than 3 million Afghanis.
According to the source, every three members of this delegation will receive a Mercedes-Benz, which the whole cost would become 350,000 Afghanis for 24 hours.
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