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46 Afghans arrested for living illegally in Peshawar, Pakistan

As many as 46 Afghan nationals were arrested for illegally residing in the provincial capital after police launched a campaign to arrest and deport those who are having any connection with criminal groups, officials told Pakistani media The News.
46 Afghans arrested for living illegally in Peshawar, Pakistan
AVA- The held Afghans neither had passports nor the proof of registration cards issued to the refugees to legalise their stay in Pakistan. “These Afghan nationals were arrested after reports of their involvement in criminal activities,” Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Qazi Jamilur Rehman told The News.
A source said that apart from millions of refugees and those who visit Pakistan on visas, there are a large number of Afghan nationals living in the country who do not possess documents. There were scores of families which have acquired Pakistani computerised national identity cards.
A police official said on Tuesday that 46 Afghans who did not have legal documents would be produced before the court and deported to Afghanistan. “During the last three days, 16 Afghans who were illegally living in Peshawar were arrested from the Cantt Circle, 10 from rural, nine from city and eight from Saddar circle,” said the official. He said that cases were registered against the arrested persons under the Foreigners Act. In recent years, the police launched a campaign to arrest all those Afghans who were living in Pakistan without valid documents.
As many as 4139 cases were lodged and 7,872 Afghans who were illegally residing were arrested in the provincial capital only during the seven months of 2016. Police had also arrested 11 Afghan nationals for having fake Pakistani computerized national identity cards (CNICs).
Thousands of well-off Afghan families live in Hayatabad, Faqirabad, Paharipura, Tehkal, University Town, Kohat Road and other areas. The Hayatabad police station had rounded up 1,133 Afghan nationals for staying in Peshawar .
Wednesday 3 April 2019 18:54
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