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Ashraf Ghani calls Afghan parliamentary polls a disaster

The oath-taking ceremony of new parliament members for Kabul and Paktia provinces was held at the presidential palace on Wednesday.
Ashraf Ghani calls Afghan parliamentary polls a disaster
AVA- Speaking at the ceremony, President Ashraf Ghani said the country’s parliamentary election was a disaster in the democratic processes.
“Unfortunately, it was a disaster. Having the results of the elections delayed for seven months was unprecedented in the history of democratic systems,” the President said.
Ghani called on new lawmakers to prioritize the amendment of election law in order to avoid the repetition of such a disaster in the future elections.
Meanwhile, he said the absence of Ghazni province representatives in the parliament is a huge gap. Currently, Ghazni has no representative in the parliament because the elections did not happen there.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the final results of Kabul parliamentary elections on Tuesday midnight.
Based on the IEC’s announcement the 33 candidates who have won the highest votes in Kabul are as follows: Ajmal Rahmani, Abdul Qayoum Khair Khwa, Khan Agha Rezaee, Mullah Muhammad Khan Ahmadi, Feda Mohammad Ulfat Saleh, Ahmad Jawed Jaihoun, Amanullah Guzar, Amir Gul Shaheen, Ghulam Hussain Naseri, Ramazan Bashardost, Syed Mohammad Mohammadi, Allah Gul Mujahid, Khan Mohammad Wardak, Mir Afghan Safi, Najibullah Naser, Habibulrahman Sayyaf, Anwar Khan Oryakhail, Abdul Razeq Istalefi, Tawfiq Wahdat, Zergy Habibi, Mohammad Nayeem Wardak, Hafizullah Jalili, Orfanullah Orfan, Abdullah Kalimzai Wardak, Fatima Nazari, Nazeefa Zakee, Shinkay Karokhail, Mursal Nabizada, Fawzia Naseryar Guldarai, Robina Jalali, Maryam Sama, Zuhra Noorzai, and Parween Durrani.
Lawmakers who represent Kabul province have 33 of the 250 seats in Afghanistan’s lower house of parliament.
Wednesday 15 May 2019 22:25
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