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Persian poet Omar Khayyam remembered 971 years on

Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet, Omar Khayyam was born on May 18, 1048 in Nishapur, northeastern Iran to a family of tent-makers.
Persian poet Omar Khayyam remembered 971 years on
AVA- Khayyam, a famous mathematician of his time, started his education under Imam Muwaffaq Nishaburi.
He later traveled to Isfahan, central Iran where he began studying Greek mathematics.
Khayyam contributed to the classification and solution of cubic equations, provided geometric solutions by the intersection of conics and supported the understanding of the parallel axiom.
Khayyam was the founder of the rubaai genre in Iran and eastern literature.
Khayyam's poetry received critical acclaim centuries after his death when poet Edward Fitzgerald translated his Rubaiyat into English.
In his poems, he questioned life, death and faith.
He also contributed to a solar calendar completing it in March 21, 1079 variants of which are still used in Iran and Afghanistan.
The Jalali calendar working according to the solar year gives an error of one day in 5,000 years, while today's civil Gregorian calendar gives an error of one day in 3,330 years.
Khayyam died on Dec 4, 1131 and is buried in the Khayyam Garden in Nishapur.
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