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Kerala ISIS leader reportedly killed in Afghanistan by US forces

Rashid Abdulla, who was said to the be the leaders of an ISIS module in Kerala, was reportedly killed in a bombing by US forces in Afghanistan.
Kerala ISIS leader reportedly killed in Afghanistan by US forces
AVA- Rashid Abdulla, the alleged leader of an ISIS module in Keraka, has reportedly been killed in Afghanistan about a month ago. News of Abdulla's death was shared with a police officer by an alleged ISIS operative over a messaging app.
"He is no more," the ISIS operative is reported to have told the cop when he was asked about Abdulla. The operative also told the cop that Abdulla was killed in a random bombing in Afghanistan conducted by the US forces, reported the Times of India.
He further added, "Total 3 Indian brothers, 2 Indian ladies and 4 kids got killed” in the bombing.
Abdulla spearheaded the ISIS ideology on social media and was responsible for convincing 21 people from Kerela to migrate to Afghanistan and join ISIS, along with his wife Ayesha.
Abdulla was a native of Kerala's Kasaragod District. He was a teacher at Peace International School in Kozhikode, and was known for his strong commitment to the terrorist outfit. He reportedly tried to convert people from other religions to Islam, and is said to have played a role in the radilaisation of some individuals in the state.
According to the TOI report, Abdulla used to send audio clips through messenger app Telegram to spread the message of 'true Islam' as interpreted by the ISIS. His messages also spoke of life under the 'Khalifate', or the theocratic state that ISIS tried to establish in parts of Iraq and Syria.
Abdulla was at the helm of the ISIS module in Kerala after the killing of Shajeer Mangalaserri Abdullah in Afghanistan.
Security agencies however have are not taking word of Abdulla's death as the final word, and are waiting for more details and a verifiable confirmation.
Tuesday 4 June 2019 03:38
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