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Abdullah blames Taliban's 'obstinacy' for persistence of war in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday said that the war in the country is continuing because of Taliban's obstinacy.
Abdullah blames Taliban

Speaking at a ceremony in Kabul to celebrate Mother’s Day, Abdullah said that there is opportunity for peace talks, but the Taliban are insisting on their “unreasonable” stance.
He slammed the Taliban’s objection of a delegation from Afghanistan which was set to attend dialogue with the group in Doha.
Abdullah suggested the Taliban are waiting foreign forces out so that they could seize power in the country.
The official also called for unity between the Afghan government, political figures and civil society in engaging with the Taliban.
He said that neither the Afghan people nor the international community want return of Taliban era which he described as a “dark hell.”
Abdullah suggested leaders of the country should be elected by the people in any post-peace deal.
Wednesday 12 June 2019 18:19
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