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U.S. Ambassador reacts to new threatening message of Taliban to Afghan media outlets

The U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass reacted to the latest threatening message of Taliban to the media outlets.
U.S. Ambassador reacts to new threatening message of Taliban to Afghan media outlets

Ambassador Bass in a statement on Twitter condemning the latest threats of Taliban to media.
He said “Afghanistan’s vibrant media is a testament to the gains of the last 18 years.  Journalism is not a crime, it is a valued public service to the world.”
The Taliban group on Monday issued new threat to media outlets in Afghanistan, demanding an immediate halt to publications of pro-government advertisements.
The group in a statement said certain media outlets are publishing advertisements aimed at disrupting the insurgency of the group.
The statement further added that the group sets a one-week deadline for the media outlets to halt publications pro-government advertisements.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Bass said “We call on the Taliban to stop threatening Afghan journalists.”
Ambassador Bass also added that “More violence, against journalists or civilians, will not bring security and opportunity to Afghanistan, nor will it help the Taliban reach their political objectives.”
Taliban released the latest threat amid growing violence against media outlets and journalists in Afghanistan.
Dozens of media activists have lost their lives or have sustained injuries in militants attacks during the recent months.
The militants have staged a series of deadly attacks against the media activists and journalists in Kabul and other parts of the country
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 25 June 2019 11:12
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