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Taliban Fighters Sustained Heavy Losses in Herat

Including foreign rebels, dozens anti-government militias were killed during military operations conducted by Afghan security forces in western Herat province.
Taliban Fighters Sustained Heavy Losses in Herat
Gen. Aminullah Amarkhail police chief of Herat who led the military operations told media, few days ago the military operations has started in annihilate armed oppositions and ensure peace and security in different parts of Pashtun Zarghon, Awba, Chesht Sharif and Farsi districts of the province.
Until now, dozens terrorists were killed and most parts of the mentioned districts have been cleared from being of insurgents, Amarkhail added.
It is mentionable that a policeman was martyred and six others were wounded during the military operations, Amarkhail concluded.
Tuesday 16 July 2019 18:25
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