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Nearly 50% of Afghans suffer mental illnesses

Half of Afghans have suffered mental illness, according to the ministry of public health.
Nearly 50% of Afghans suffer mental illnesses
Women are more vulnerable to the illness as the number of women who suffer from mental illness is double than that of men, said Wahidillah Mayar, a spokesman for health ministry.
According to psychologists, there are 120 types of mental disorders, but Afghans suffer mostly from anxiety and stress.
Suicide attacks, bombings and poverty are said to be the main causes of the problem in Afghanistan.
Many of mentally ill people in the country refuse to share their problem considering it shame and out of fear of losing their social status.
Also, treatment centres are lacking in the country, and the ministry of health says they don't have enough budget to build such centres.
Around 400 psychologists affiliated with the ministry are operating in the country.
Tuesday 16 July 2019 18:29
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