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After 135 days, Pakistan opened airspace for Afghan civilian flights

Pakistan opened its airspace for all civilian traffic including the Afghan flights after over four months of closure on Tuesday.
After 135 days, Pakistan opened airspace for Afghan civilian flights
The Ministry of Transport says that though alternative ways were used for the flights from Afghanistan to India, Afghanistan lost 27 million dollars due to the closure of Pakistan’s airspace.
“We lost more than 27 million dollars. We are trying to have alternative ways in addition to Pakistan’s airspace,” said Mahdi Rohani, the Spokesperson of Transport Ministry.
Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) welcomes the opening of Pakistan’s airspace and says that it will increase the export of Afghan fruits through this way.
“We hope the decision of Pakistan to be permanent otherwise it would not be helpful to the private sector,” said Shafiqullah Attayi, the Deputy of the ACCI.
At the same time, the economic experts stress that the opening of Pakistan’s airspace to Afghanistan benefits both countries.
They believe that good relations between the two countries can result in the region’s economic growth.
Though Pakistan’s airspace has opened, the flight tickets’ price has not changed yet.
However, the officials of private companies say that the price of flight tickets will reduce and the number of passengers will increase after the 18th of July.
Wednesday 17 July 2019 01:37
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