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Afghanistan's Abdullah suggests interim government could be discussed in peace talks

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has suggested that the idea of forming an interim government could be discussed in peace talks.

“As far as interim government is concerned, if it is part of peace package which includes A to Z of peace from ceasefire to agreement on a setup and what to do with armed groups what is the end state which is the elections it has to be… if it is part of a peace package agreed upon by sides acceptable to the people of Afghanistan that is a different issue,” Abdullah said speaking in an interview with Turkish state broadcaster TRT.
“But only an interim government for the sake of having an interim government, personally I don’t think this will be a solution,” Abdullah said.
Asked if a possible peace deal between US and Taliban could affect Afghan elections scheduled for September 28, Abdullah suggested that election is an issue which could be discussed in intra-Afghan negotiations.
“At the moment, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be happening that way,” Abdullah said.
Abdullah’s remarks come as earlier President Ashraf Ghani rejected interim government as way forward.
"By what authority will an interim government be created?" Ghani said in an interview with the same broadcaster.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Saturday 20 July 2019 17:11
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