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Abdullah Blames Taliban For Destroying Power Pylons

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Monday blamed the Taliban for destroying the power pylons in Baghlan province which cut off Uzbekistan’s imported electricity to Kabul.
Abdullah Blames Taliban For Destroying Power Pylons

Speaking in the last session of the council of ministers, Abdullah stated:
“Unfortunately, the electricity pylons have been destroyed, affecting eleven provinces, and the Taliban's actions do not indicate that they have a strong intention for peace.”
Electric power imported from Uzbekistan was drastically cut in 11 Afghan provinces, including Kabul, after “anti-government armed militants destroyed two power pylons in the northern province of Baghlan,” according to a statement by the power supply company De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).
“The incident happened approximately at 10 a.m. on Sunday when the two pylons were blown up by explosives,” DABS spokesman Wahidullah Tawhidi said.
A large portion of the electricity is used by factories in Kabul’s industrial parks in the east of the city.
Meanwhile, Abdullah once again asked government employees and security forces to be impartial in the coming election.
“I call on your attention to serve the people in the last days of the National Unity Government, which is the main responsibility of you all, with full impartiality and non-interference in the elections,” Abdullah said.
This follows Abdullah’s statement on Sunday blaming President Ghani of misusing government facilities for his electoral campaign.
The presidential elections are scheduled for September 28 2019.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Monday 16 September 2019 12:02
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