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Ghani hopes Afghanistan will one day have female president

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has expressed hope that his country will one day have female president.
Ghani hopes Afghanistan will one day have female president

Addressing parliamentarians and their families at a reception in presidential palace, Ghani said that for that to happen it is necessary for women to “feel safe” amid efforts for peace with the Taliban.
“Afghans desire peace, but peace will be national, Afghan, sustainable and lasting,” Ghani said.
“It will be that peace in which people see security, advantages, and ensuring of rights,” the president said. “Women’s rights cannot be compromised.”
“These beautiful girls whom I see, I hope one will become the president of Afghanistan tomorrow,” Ghani said.
The president, however, also said that peace requires concessions and wide bosom.
He said that war will have no winner.
He said that no individual could claim of being peace hero as the achievement will belong to all Afghans.
“I am ready for any sacrifice, but I cannot sacrifice Afghanistan’s Constitution because wewill be nothing without it,” Ghani said
Tuesday 5 November 2019 17:47
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