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Abdullah: Ghani's so-called peace plan is wishlist, nobody taking it seriously

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday criticized President Ashraf Ghani's new proposal for peace saying it was not a plan but an unrealistic "wishlist."
Abdullah: Ghani

"To be honest, nobody has taken that so-called seven-point plan as a plan... it's rather a wishlist," Abdullah said in an interview with AFP.
"Nobody is taking it seriously -- neither the people of Afghanistan, nor anybody."
US President Donald Trump in September halted year-long peace talks with the Taliban, citing a deadly in Kabul.
Late last month, Afghan government released a seven-point peace proposal that including a call for month-long Taliban ceasefire before talks begin.
US talks with the Taliban had excluded the Afghan government as the group had refused to deal directly with the government.
Abdullah said it is imperative for any future talks to include negotiators from the Afghan government, be it led by him or by Ghani.
Any negotiating team "has to be inclusive. Government has to be a part of that", Abdullah said.
On election, Abdullah said that the Independent Election Commission had failed to communicate to the public what is happening in the counting process.
Earlier, his team said that problems remained with 300,000 of the 1.8 million votes that the IEC has said are valid.
“They have not explained it transparently to our representatives… more transparency is needed,” Abdullah said.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Wednesday 6 November 2019 11:30
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