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Police: Four ANA ‘Mistakenly Killed in Airstrike’ in Logar

At least four Afghan National Army personnel were killed by “friendly fire” in the eastern province of Logar on Monday night, provincial police claim.
Police: Four ANA ‘Mistakenly Killed in Airstrike’ in Logar

According to Logar police spokesman Shahpoor Ahmadzai, a US airstrike “mistakenly” targeted an army outpost when it came under Taliban attack and Afghan forces called for air support.
The outpost is located in the Bazar-e-Zekher area on the outskirts of Pul-e-Alam city, the center of Logar, Ahmadzai said. 
Six other ANA soldiers were wounded in the airstrike, police said. 
A spokesman for US Forces in Afghanistan responded:  "We are aware of reports a US airstrike conducted last night in support of Afghan forces may have resulted in Afghan National Army casualties. US and Afghan forces are working closely together to develop a shared understanding of this event.  A joint investigation is ongoing."
Also in Logar, provincial police said that a convoy of foreign forces was targeted by a car bomb explosion near a military camp Tuesday morning.
A US Forces spokesperson said: "A vehicle-borne IED targeted a U.S. convoy this morning in Logar province. Only the VBIED driver was killed. No U.S. or Coalition service members were wounded or killed in the attack. We are investigating the incident."
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 12 November 2019 14:35
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