Publish dateTuesday 17 December 2019 - 00:15
Story Code : 198299
235,000 one-day-old chicks imported from Iran’s Ardebil to Afghanistan
Deputy head of Iran’s Ardebil Agriculture Jihad Department for improving livestock and poultry production improvement said on Monday that some 235,000 one-day-old chicks were exported from the province to Afghanistan this year (started March 21).
Nobakht Ajdari told IRNA late on Monday that some 43,000 tons of chicken meat are produced in the province each year while some 35.5 tons are consumed in the province each year.
In terms of chicken farming, the province is in a suitable situation, as the average monthly farming stands at 2,050,000, he said.
In addition to meeting domestic needs, Ardebil exports 7,500 tons to the neighboring provinces, Ajdari said.
With 2 huge complexes of cultivation and industry as well as animal husbandry in Moghan city, various livestock and poultry feed factories, three livestock and five poultry slaughterhouses, Ardebil plays an important role in Iran’s economic growth.
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